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  •  Early Polling on Saddam (none)
    Here is a link to the first poll taken after the Saddam:

    The numbers show little change in the generic ballot:
    "45 percent said they were planning to vote to re-elect Bush next year, even before the capture, while 43 said they hadn't planned to vote for him, and still won't. "

    Support for the war has moved to 62%.  

    All in all, the numbers do not suggest a bonanza for Bush - I confess that I am surprised.  

    Postscript -
    In the end, I still think the 2004 election will turn on whether Bush finds OBL or not.  There will come a moment in the debates next year when the Democratic challenger will turn and ask Bush why 120,000 troops were sent to Iraq while OBL is still alive.   I do not think he has any way to answer that question.

    •  Re: Early Polling on Saddam (none)
      Bush won't find OBL.  Hell, he isn't even looking for him.  Nor or they bothering much to keep the Teliban from moving back into Afghanistan.

      "This administration has been all bully and no pulpit."- Wesley K. Clark

      by ABB on Mon Dec 15, 2003 at 01:27:34 AM PST

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