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  •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
    I am surprised by the reaction of your note and the one's below.  
    Saddam was a symbol - as long as he remained free - he was a symbol of American impotence. Symbols in politics, as I am sure you know well, are dammed important.  In this sense it doesn't matter that Saddam ran the resistance; only that he was able to evade American forces.  I am arguing only that this his capture is very much a good thing - I opposed and still opposed this war.

    You write "Considering most of the guerrillas loudly proclaim that they hate Saddam, that is not likely."  Where are your sources (I am really asking here).  As I wrote earlier, I don't really think anyone knows very well - though it does appear that the "resistence" is almost entirely Iraqi and not some sort of terrorist all start team from Gaza, Iran and Syria.  It also appears at this point not to include a large segment of the majority Shia in the south.  

    The central question in Iraq is not if the nationalist and Islmacist movements develop, but when and how.  The current level of violence - as bad as it is - does not seem to me indicative of a large guerilla movement.  This suggests for the time being that the political players still think the political game is the one to play.  This will inevitably change - the trick is to get out before they change their mind.  

    FWIW - I belong to the small group that believes Bush went to war not for US Imperialism, or WMD, or the war on terrorism.   This was mere window dressing on the son's effort to get the man who tried to kill has father.   Now that he has got Saddam - I think we will find he gets out faster than people think.

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