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  •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
    who?  Ralph Nader?  John Kerry?  Kos?  Tacitus?

    no, seriously, who are you talking about exactly?  the way Peter's comment was constructed implied that the only kind of second thoughts you can have about Saddam's capture is to automatically want American deaths in order to benefit a Democratic candidate.  what you don't seem to get is that that's a word game.  that's what stifles the conversation and polarizes the debate and lowers the level of discourse.

    whatever...  I'm willing to defend Peter's right to spout childish nonsense, but there's a limit to how much of it I'm willing to listen to.

    •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
      No one makes you listen to him or anyone else.  I listen to so much bullshit here that it's sad.    However, to answer your question, I have read of such sentiments here and other blogs.  Haven't you?  I have heard it discussed by some, too.  It is not isolated, but I don't take down names.

      Just as the hate of Clinton caused some ultra conservatives to go overboard, so might the hate of Bush cause some ultra liberals or others to do the same, even relish in the worst.  It is not a good thing in either case.  I am, by the way, an ultra liberal, so I am not generalizing.  

      Guess we are at the end of the road on this subject.  My main objection was the way you spoke down to Peter, then me.  Hope you understand that.  Take care.

      •  Re: Saddam Captured; What's Next? (none)
        My main objection was the way you spoke down to Peter, then me.  Hope you understand that.

        duly noted.  I'm kind of an old-timer and I don't consider flaming or condescension to be inherently hostile, so I apologize for misreading the context.

        I hope you understand that my main objection was to the fact that Peter was equating otherwise reasonable "second thoughts" with a desire for "insurgent fighting and American deaths, so that [it] might benefit a Democratic candidate".  that seemed like a poorly considered and inflammatory position to me, regardless of how it was meant.

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