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  •  And Obama got dat REAL THING (1+ / 0-)
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    Real Political Capitol - great assessment.

    And I am so happy for the "US" in the U.S. that have empowered ourselves or about too and to get this country heading away from certain disaster. The "Sheeple" that are that 50% of clueless ding-dong Americans know they picked a bummer bar none. Good. They will all stay home in November (so to speak) to repay us for this debacle that is BushCo.

    I so hope that the old adage that 20-30 somethings only wake up and get involved when you have two things: "tanking economy" and "war". Well what do you know. Last time they had that was the 60's and those young folk are many many of us here and we want to get active after being let down by the many behind us this last decade...

    I DIG YA 18-30s!

    Actually I really do especially the 20's. They are the first ones in awhile that really get it.

    Voter registration is one very most important things you can do this summer and fall.

    The party that registers them first holds em most of their lives. We haven't won the registration game  since the 60's. Well that has all changed now.

    ObamaNation 2009!..... Rebecca > (4 coveted City-At-Large Council Seat)..... Gavin Newsom Governor California 2010......

    by AustinSF on Thu Jun 26, 2008 at 10:30:15 PM PDT

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