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  •  Wow! Thanks for this diary. (3+ / 0-)
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    My wife is Mormon.  I'm not.  I'm atheist.  Yet many of those people in my wife's church know me well, and like me well enough.

    My wife also has a nephew who is gay.  He lives in New York, so this California law doesn't affect him directly, but the implications of the law not only affect him but they affect my wife also, as any hurt to him in this regard is a hurt my wife will sympathetically feel.

    Here's what I'm going to do:  with my wife's permission, I'm going to call her Bishop and inquire whether he's going to be reading this letter come this Sunday.  If he is, then I think I'm going to be going to LDS services and give my "testimony" in a manner as you have suggested.  I already have a prepared set of remarks, and I think they'd serve well.

    At the very least, I'll be sharing this diary with my wife this evening when she gets home from work.  It'll certainly be interesting to watch her reaction.

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    If we're not willing to boldly refute the lies, the lies will stand as truth. (-6.75, -6.72)

    by cn4st4datrees on Fri Jun 27, 2008 at 08:49:57 AM PDT

    •  I grew up Mormon (0+ / 0-)

      but left soon after serving a mission in Brazil.

      No big drama, I just never came around to believing.  By the time I left Brazil, I was more interested in what the PT Workers' Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores) and Lula might have to offer the country than whatever message it was that I was bringin' ...

      I still see a lot of potential for good in what my Mormon family and friends are striving for.  But, I think you and I are absolutely right to try to do something to call them out on the wrong-headedness of their resistance to equal rights for gay Americans.

      Good luck with your efforts.  The sad truth is that the LDS church leadership looks poised to fight gay marriage wherever it's politically expedient, and resigned to let it take hold wherever they see no chance to influence the outcome.  If we can neutralize their influence in California this time around, it will likely persuade them to avoid taking on the same fight in other states.

      If they lose this one, it will encourage them to get back to helping people lead decent lives, and discourage them from wasting any more of their influence on losing political battles.  

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