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  •  Right. (none)
    I've reached the conclusion that Gallup is pretty much irrelevant until they adjust their methodology.

    However, the general public may not be so skeptical, and I'd hazard a guess that many people get their polling information from one source and one source only.

    While I know that Gallup is most likely off, Joe Swinger in Ohio may not, and we've all seen the studies showing that people often vote for who they think will win rather than who they identify and agree with most.

    •  General public believes in Gallop (none)
      For me everything is filtered through the Rovian lense.  He believes that many Americans do not hear the background noise of truth.  They tune in to their favorite local news channel for 15 mintues, and if Gallop says Bush is way ahead, then for that voter it is fact.  No need to look further.

      We can bleat about the truth all we like.  Rove does not care.  We are voting for kerry anyway.  The republicans choose to believe Gallop, and the others are too busy to find out the truth.  They have been brainwashed and rove intends to keep them that way.

      This has to become a full PUBLIC story before it affects the regular voter.

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