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  •  This is the same exact model zoning regulation .. (1+ / 0-)
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    ... the way it works is that multiple residency (which is still single-use) is allowed as an exception (that is, requires approval), but must be a certain size. The example that was displayed in a discussion last week "proving" that single-use residential zoning was no big deal was 3 acres, minimum.

    Now, you are not going to get three acres available for development in the area in the parts of a small town zoned residential except at the edge of town.

    So its a nice neat little regulation that pushes apartments, condos, etc. to the edge of town.

    Better than that, certainly, is the habit of zoning an area  single-use, multiple occupancy residential as a "buffer zone" around a mall or similar big box commercial. But still better is eliminating the single-use habit of thought altogether and zoning for a form of commercial/professional development that you don't need to buffer against.

    The zoning in this diary, single lot multi-use within 1/4 mile of the designated stop on the transport corridor ... means that someone does not need a zoning exception to pass to build a first floor retail with shop top apartments, or a pair of townhouses stacked on top of a pair of apartments.

    It would not be an exception, it would be a normal allowed use, so they would just need to meet code to be able to build that in that zone.

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