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    I researched this subject while living in Texas for more than a dozen years, and was able to pinpoint egregious examples of the corruption in the plaintiffs' bar and collusion with the corporate insurance bar.

    Was corruption in the plaintiffs' bar exploited by the corporate insurance bar? Absolutely. And that said, it is also true that it was ripe for the pickings.

    Three of the nine plaintiffs lawyers in the Agent Orange case, which sold out veterans of the Vietnam war, played pivotal roles in the national sellout that resulted in very little for veterans themselves and quite a bit for the lawyers, the March of Dimes, and others not affected by the chemical companies that poisoned the people, animals, trees, fish and fauna of Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, and also U.S. veterans who handled the chemicals that went under various names, including Agent Orange.

    When I looked further into it, I saw that plaintiff's lawyers in Texas bought and sold cases of injured people and mishandled them, and sometimes did not process them when something more lucrative came in.

    I oppose tort reform. I oppose the judicial election as it is practiced in Texas and Pennsylvania, among other states.

    I side with Texans for Public Justice ( ) in their demand to end the need for judges to solicit money from lawyers who appear before them.

    Please google the following terms to explore this issue further and to see how it affects other states where judges are elected: elected judges

    You can pick and choose among 87 results.

    Corruption, thy name is the elected judiciary in Texas, whether Democratic or Republican.

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