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View Diary: Does your church make you suicidal? (w/POLL) (91 comments)

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    I'm guessing the parents were some of the church members who held the girl down, so they aren't held responsible.  In the AP story, the father was reported as having been a missionary, and the abused daughter apparently didn't want to follow in that lifestyle.  

    You are right, in some cultures exorcism is a part of normal life, but not in American culture.  It was a terrible, terrible court decision.  

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      It may not be widespread here, but it is here.  

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        New York's archdiocese has four excorsits!  Who knew.  When I posted "go ahead cue up the song The Jezebel Spirit", I honestly thought David Byrne and Brian Eno did't put music to an actual NYC exorcism (as the liner notes claim); I thought that what they used was dialogue that was contrived.

        Thank you DailyKos folks for showing me I've been living under a rock.  Pretty soon, you'll tell me that people still drive gas-fueled cars and pay over $4 a gallon for gas.

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