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View Diary: Does your church make you suicidal? (w/POLL) (91 comments)

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    Constantly worrying about hell, and being christian enough to go the heaven, and the devil trying to get me..and demons and...It haunted me until I left christianity.  My life has never been more happier...

    TO me, sometimes religion turns into a ritual and sometimes it turns into opinnions and used wrongly to control people.  Sometimes it really can be..a cult.  Giving you this fearful belief and giving strict guidelines to follow..u r chosen and you must make god happy?

    Everyday I look back on my life and realize how mind controlled I was.

    And no, i am not wild and crazy. Quite the contrary.  I don't hate religion..I actually find all of them to be very  interesting.  It's the people involved in the religion that ruin the experience.  THey create rules on top of rules that you were never told to follow in the beginning..

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