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View Diary: Company Hosting McCain "Townhall" Paid Below Prevailing Wage (134 comments)

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  •  I worked for the minimum wage campaign (6+ / 0-)

    and I once got chased off the yard from this older guy and lady (no--no pitchforks in their hand but there could have been...)because I dared knock on their door and ask them to support raising the minimum wage.

    Not as scary as that story...

    I once had this other guy tell me, "If I am a business owner and I want to pay my employees 3 bucks an hour, it's nobody's business! People should just be grateful to have a job!"

    And I once had this lady who lived in a mansion and whose husband owned a small business, (I think it was a party store), and she said (right before she slammed the door on me), "Oh...I sympathize with people living below the poverty line.  But we should be able to pay people whatever we think is necessary."  

    I hope there is a reallllly hot place for those greedy selfish people!  AND I hope Karma finds them someday and forces them to live in the same squalor they think it's ok to place other people in!

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