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View Diary: My God, You People have Lost Your Minds! - Updated (153 comments)

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  •  Actually droogie (if I may call you by the (5+ / 0-)

    shortened version of your name), I care what you think.  There are a few people on here that I have actually come to "know" because I read their comments and think how well they described how I feel about a topic.  I have noticed your name lately in this regard in the "purity wars."  And I thank you for giving me reason to believe that there are a few sane voices in the wilderness.


    •  Sure, (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      call me droogie.

      I'm glad I could write some insightful things for you. How long have you been here?

      The shortest complete sentence in the English language is a raised middle finger, aimed at the appropriate party.

      by droogie6655321 on Tue Jul 01, 2008 at 02:44:14 PM PDT

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      •  I've been reading since January or so (5+ / 0-)

        but I didn't register until exactly one week before Hillary made the unfortunate RFK remark.  The timing was perfect.  I would have exploded if I hadn't been able to post!

        I saw another post you did that further edified why I identify with you.  You talked about having mixed opinions on things like the death penalty, guns, and religion (or something like that).  That's when the big light-bulb went off - someone who understands that life is not always black and white.  The "purity wars" are really a war between black/white people and gray people - no one will ever convince a black/white person of a gray position.  A gray person, however, can get either lighter gray or darker gray.  I like gray.

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