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View Diary: My God, You People have Lost Your Minds! - Updated (153 comments)

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  •  You sound like a lawyer (0+ / 1-)
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    DJ ProFusion

    who argues to win regardless of facts.
    If you think Americans aren't afraid of their government, do some research or just look out the window.

    This, today in wiki news:

    Thousands of Chinese riot in Guizhou, targeting local government buildings and officials over an alleged police cover-up of the death of a teenage girl.

    Contrast that with American couch potato activists.
    Bush rapes the country and the people stay home so they won't be beaten or killed.

    Are you Moses/Rambo? C'mon Savior! We're waiting...  

    Free university and healthcare for all, now.

    by SoCalHobbit on Wed Jul 02, 2008 at 12:08:13 PM PDT

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    •  You sound like a right-winger (0+ / 0-)

      Ignore the facts, ignore the actual discussion, attack the person, make a completely irrelevant analogy, then act smug like you have won something.

      Meanwhile, the Republicans are laughing their asses off watching you fall for their diversionary tactics.

      President Obama - start getting used to the idea.

      by DJ ProFusion on Thu Jul 03, 2008 at 11:11:38 AM PDT

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