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  •  Wish list... (3+ / 0-)

    as someone who has to rely on a food bank now and then, allow me to put in a plug for good things to donate!

    1. Peanut Butter
    1. Canned Tuna/salmon/chicken/pork, etc.
    1. Dried Fruit & Nuts
    1. Baking Staples (flours, sugar, butter, etc.)
    1. Juice in any form
    1. Toilet Paper
    1. Cheese
    1. Fresh fruit/veggies (if your local foodbank has the 'frig space)
    1. Things to flavor things with (rice and beans get awfully boring after a while; condensed soups, BBQ sauce, salsa, dressing mixes, etc. can jazz up humble ingredients)

    And if your local foodbank doesn't have a 'frig or freezer...I'm sure they'd love to have one donated if you happen to be upgrading from yours!

    Peace and good eats!

    •  the gal who used to run the food pantry (3+ / 0-)
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      Catte Nappe, shortgirl, mamamorgaine

      near us, used to say "any kind of cleaning product - if it can clean your dishes, your clothes, your floor, your teeth or your child - we need it, and we need it every day."  I always donate toilet paper - it's not something most people think of, but of course it's always needed.

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      by lcork on Wed Jul 02, 2008 at 10:16:47 AM PDT

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