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  •  Not a word Clark said was "inartful" (2+ / 0-)
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    Vicky, jrojas

    It was good staight talking truth, no gimmicks, no disrespect. Schieffer broke into Clark's comments to challenge Clark's assertion that Obama had the superior judgment needed to be president since McCain flew a fighter that got shot down and Obama never did. Clark's reply was both deft and artful if anyone has the common decency to listen to it in context and not twist it into a fake claim that Clark "attacked" McCain.

    I love the way Clark described his reply to Schieffer on the Ed Schultz show:  

    "GENERAL WESLEY CLARK: Well, I mean, if someone asked you is the sun is shi- if the sun is shining, you said, 'Yes, the sun is shining,' you wouldn't have HAD to say that. You could've said, 'Well the sky's blue and there are no clouds,' but basically I just answered the question that was asked."

    •  I think Obama is a man who chooses words (1+ / 0-)
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      very carefully. If you remember, "inartful" is exactly the word he used to describe his comment about rural voters clinging to guns and religion. That comment as well was absolutely true, but because of the nature of the press and the power of soundbites, it was truly "inartful." Clark's retort in which he repeats the interviewer's comment, while completely true, was also inartful in the same way because it was subject to the same twisting and distorting that Obama's former comment was subjected to. Clark should have merely reiterated his inital point that military service is not automatically a qualification for an executive position instead of repeating that comment.

      I agree when you say the comment is deft and artful IF anyone has common decency. But the media doesn't. That's why Samantha Powers had to be sent packing. Any slip of the tongue will pushed and hammered for maximum damagae, regardless of the sense or truth of the attack. It is a poisoned atmosphere. Common decency and common sense or even just fairness are utterly lacking.

      My final conclusion on this: This is a black op. Clark was sent out to bring up this issue and he was told he would be on his own.

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