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  •  We owe wes Clark big time for this (4+ / 0-)
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    The Obama campaign doesn't feel free to totally embrace what he did for us but we are. This sentance from this Diary says it all:

    "Yet now, thanks to Wes Clark, this obvious question is being asked of someone who would rather use his military service as a shield against all criticism. And McCain can't deal with it."

    The media is trying to make Clark out to be some kind of crazy inartful fool, but he's the only guy we have with the guts to do what he just did for us. And he won't back down.

    •  It would have been better.. (0+ / 0-)

      if the Obama Campaign didn't immedialtey response and allow the "idea" to simmer a little with the public.  Make the masses really think a bit more about the kind of experience McCain actually has (or doesn't have).

      I don't know too much (in depth) about Wes Clark, but he was the first person I thought of that would be a good VP for Obama.

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