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View Diary: District Court: What FISA Did, What the FISA Capitulation Does (244 comments)

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  •  yes, as I wrote, and as I've written elsewhere, (0+ / 0-)

    IMO, it likely would've been better "politics", let alone the right thing to do, for Pelosi to have stood her ground, and washed her hands of the matter, forcing the Blue Dog Dems to publicly join with the GOP to get FISA passed.

    maybe they would've backed down, who knows until you try?, I agree, although I personally doubt they would've backed down -- but I'm all on board the idea that a public fight in the House from "Constitution-defending Democrats" could've led to a positive outcome. That the public -- not just us usual suspects who subscribe to the ACLU list -- would've been aroused once they understood better what this was about, and more Senators, possibly enough to derail it, could've been nudged into opposing FISA.  Certainly, one positive outcome that could've been expected is that those who think of "the Democrats" in Congress as one monolithic block, could've learned better.

    There's nothing "childish" about suggesting any of that, nothing "childish" about any of the criticism and suggestions for organizing that come from you, Kagro. What's "childish" is believing, like many commenters here, that defeating FISA in the House would've been easy, that all Pelosi had to do was "nothing," and the issue would go away, because after all Democrats are in the majority, right? That Obama could've snapped his fingers and instructed the likes of Sen. Feinstein to change her support of FISA, simply because he'd just become the (presumptive) nominee of the Dem Party. What's "childish" is to have believed that we elected  a Progressive Democratic majority to Congress in 2006 simply because we elected a few more Democrats (some more progressive than others). What's "childish" is to expect pro-Iraq-invasion, pro-Patriot Act, Very Serious National Security Democrats like Feinstein and Clinton, reelected by overwhelming margins in their primaries, despite challenges by anti-Iraq, anti-Patriot Act Democrats (one of whom Jonathon Tasini posts here, despite mostly being ignored, and being totally ignored by the front page, as far as I remember), to suddenly change their stripes and become Feingold Democrats because Dems hold a sort of majority in the Senate. what's "childish" is giving up at the last minute, suddenly realizing a few months before November that not all Democrats are Feingold Democrats, and refusing to support our Democratic nominee for President in every way we can. Those who are unable to support the Democratic candidate for President based on the reasons presented here in the last couple of weeks should've realized that years and years ago -- and if they were serious -- they should've gotten to work on building a true alternative a long time ago.

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