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View Diary: District Court: What FISA Did, What the FISA Capitulation Does (244 comments)

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    Why is the press (& the Democrat Party) framing our objections to this bill as the ramblings of a far-far-far left wing-fringe. Actually, I do know why. If this were considered for what it is: a matter of our Constitutional freedoms and liberties, then too many Americans would get involved. John Dean once wrote about what it takes to create a scandal is for the press to treat the issue with outrage. Obviously they're not going to do that.

    And yet, one must ponder how concern for the Constitution and rule of law, subjects basic to the foundation of the philosophy behind the formation of our country, become  a sign of belonging to some press-created leftist fringe.

    I'm absolutely sure that if King George had the power to be electronically eavesdropping on the colonists, Jefferson would have added that governmental crime to his list in the Declaration. Yep. Absolutely sure.

    Protecting the Constitution: the American thing to do. The senate need to behave as Americans. My congressman, Tom Allen, voted against FISA in the House and is running for the senate. Gosh, this American will gladly be voting for that American in November.

    (Thank you mcjoan for this excellent diary and all you do.)

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