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    would it be against the law to talk funny, like in the old spy movies where the two spies were talking about combine harvesters or something and one of them said she longs to have one... as a pet?......Seriously, you could really mess with homeland security by running out to the few remaining pay phones and doing stuff like this on purpose.


    I suggested just such an idea with a diary in June, Anyone Else Up For Some Spiteful FISA Pushback?

    As you can see, there were very few responses, and for something like my diary to be effective, there have to be LOTS of participants, preferably at coordinated times.

    When I see Obama pulling such a blatant power grab AKA flip-flopping on FISA & telecom immunity, it makes me very pessimistic that his Administration will go after his predecessor President with any kinds of charges, criminal or civil. Standing up for the law will be ridiculed with the ol' "We have too many pressing problems to cast blame and point fingers for past actions. We must move forward, not backwards, to a better tomorrow, blah, blah, blah,". That's a meme that some of Obama's more fervent supporters are actually pushing, claiming that the US won't stand for, paraphrasing here, "taking revenge on Bush for what happened to Bill Clinton".

    And I fail to see just why or how Obama and the Congress could/would "fix this" after inauguration day, as what President EVER voluntarily gives up unchecked powers?

    Now, if Obama wants to use the FISA rewrite to go after all those blithering Bushtards who are so quick to cheer on Bush Jr when he uses these powers, then I'm on board with that.

    The only bright spot to all this Constitution raping is that it will dawn on the Bush lackeys that a President Obama is going to have these same powers, and that GOP & Bush Dog Dem wailing and gnashing of teeth will get louder and more whiny the closer we get to both Election Day and Obama's inauguration.

    When it comes to Texas Politics, "Stupid" Plays Very Well

    by KingCranky on Thu Jul 03, 2008 at 10:30:27 AM PDT

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