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  •  A Fundraising Idea from Mark Twain (2+ / 0-)
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    Last night at FDL, I pledged $100 to the help Darcy Burner fund, on the condition that it be matched and matched again -- in a fundraiser, modeled on the "Sanitary Fund Flour Sack" described by Mark Twain in Roughing It.

    Individuals and all sorts of organizations levied upon themselves a regular weekly tax for the sanitary fund, graduated according to their means, and there was not another grand universal outburst till the famous "Sanitary Flour Sack" came our way. Its history is peculiar and interesting. A former schoolmate of mine, by the name of Reuel Gridley, was living at the little city of Austin, in the Reese river country, at this time, and was the Democratic candidate for mayor. He and the Republican candidate made an agreement that the defeated man should be publicly presented with a fifty-pound sack of flour by the successful one, and should carry it home on his shoulder. Gridley was defeated. The new mayor gave him the sack of flour, and he shouldered it and carried it a mile or two, from Lower Austin to his home in Upper Austin, attended by a band of music and the whole population. Arrived there, he said he did not need the flour, and asked what the people thought he had better do with it. A voice said:

    "Sell it to the highest bidder, for the benefit of the Sanitary fund."

    The suggestion was greeted with a round of applause, and Gridley mounted a dry-goods box and assumed the role of auctioneer. The bids went higher and higher, as the sympathies of the pioneers awoke and expanded, till at last the sack was knocked down to a mill man at two hundred and fifty dollars, and his check taken. He was asked where he would have the flour delivered, and he said:

    "Nowhere—sell it again."

    As a Blue America premium, I am in possession of a number of Ned Lamont GOTV posters, saved by the staffer who threw himself under a car to save a civilian at a Lamont rally. I’ve intended to send them to Jane and Howie for a Blue America fundraiser -- now is the time, for Darcy Burner.

    A Sanitary Fund Flour Sack type of fundraiser has the added benefit of creating a media event, that can grow legs of it's own.

    I have photos of the Lamont poster in jpeg and pdf -- how do I post them?

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