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View Diary: 32 dead in gay bar firebombing - and nobody cared (23 comments)

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    The pastor, Rev. Larson, got caught halfway through a window. He died there and it was apparently days at the least before his body was removed.

    The assistant pastor, George Mitchell, made it out along with 14 others who were led to a back door by the bartender, but he rushed back in trying to save his partner, Louis Broussard. There were found dead together.

    And I should also note that the Episcopal rector who allowed a prayer service soon afterwards was rebuked by the local bishop and received a large volume of hate mail for his troubles. A memorial service was finally held on July 1, as it took that long to find a church willing to host it.

    The two facilities the MCC congregation had held services at were the UpStairs Lounge itself and Rev. Larson's own home, both of which were no longer available. There's no mention of what the future of the congregation was; both the pastor and the assistant pastor were dead, and they had no facility to meet at which had been previously used.

    The remnant of the MCC congregation was reliant on the other churches in the area for a place to hold a memorial service and a pastor to lead it, and it took until July 1 to find anyone willing and arrange the service.

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