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View Diary: For the love of peace, Barack, vote no on FISAAA! (71 comments)

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  •  I think you need to realize there is no way (2+ / 0-)
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    blueyedace2, not this time

    he is voting No on this.

    He's either not voting, or he's voting Yes.

    We need to come to terms with that.

    If its a deal breaker for you, that is fine.  Its your choice.  I wouldn't ask you to continue to support him if this is your deal breaker.  

    But I do think we need to get ready for the reality of the situation, that is with all that he has said, including the response to the BO group, that he will not vote No on this bill.

    The McCain campaign's new slogan: Get that IL Senator off my lawn!

    by krwlngwthyou on Mon Jul 07, 2008 at 05:01:39 PM PDT

    •  No, I don't accept that Obama won't change his (3+ / 0-)
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      HoundDog, Catesby, Karl Rover

      vote back to his original "nay".

      The President of my school vowed he would not quit his country club, which prohibited African Americans and Jews, and I helped to increase the ranks of a regular protest held on his lawn, and guess what?

      He quit.

      I don't buy that type of negativity, because I'm not a newbie.  I've succeeded at a lot of the causes I've championed.

      I have good arguments and good methods, and I never give up.

      A friend of mine told me not to bother to try to stop the war planned in Iran, because it's inevitable, but I won't quit that cause either.

      You kids are such quitters.

      Obama changed his original plan, which was to filibuster this bill and vote against it.  He should change back to his original plan, because that plan is best not only for him to win the election, but it's best for the country.

      The American people do not like to be spied on.  There are provisions already in place to spy on the ter'rists, which have been deliberately thwarted by this administration, so they have no right to call anyone else soft on terrorism.

      It wasn't Obama, who let the bin Laden family leave the country during the no-fly period, without allowing the FBI to question them, it was Bush.

      He doesn't have a leg to stand on to point the finger at anyone being soft on terrorism.

      It wasn't Obama hugging and kissing the Saudis.  The 9/11 terrorists were not Iraqi nor Irani, but Saudi.  Obama's dad is from Nigeria.

      Why don't you so called Obama supporters fight the Republican smears, instead of me.  Why are you bunch descending on me again?

      Haven't you figured it out yet that I will not quit trying to defeat this bill until the vote has been cast, and even then I will fight to reverse it if it passes.

      I don't want to let them vote for this lousy bill without pointing out how bad it is.  

      I'm not going to give them a pass.  At least, I will have that much accountability.  If they vote for this, they won't be able to claim they didn't understand how bad it was.

      •  wow, so now I'm a negative quitter. Great. (0+ / 0-)

        thanks for twisting my words around.

        I never told you to stop fighting.

        I said I think we need to get ready for what's going to happen.

        Whatever.  I'll be glad when this FISA thing is over so the name calling will stop.  I've had it with that crap.

        The McCain campaign's new slogan: Get that IL Senator off my lawn!

        by krwlngwthyou on Mon Jul 07, 2008 at 08:44:39 PM PDT

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        •  Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to single you out (1+ / 0-)
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          as a quitter.

          I said "you kids," meaning all of the others, who have been ganging up on the FISA diaries.  I've been inundated with bars of soap and called a purity troll, but I see that your comment wasn't one of those.

          I rise up when someone tells me to come to terms with something and that there is no way it will happen, because that's what the status quo tells anyone who tries to affect change.  Those of us, who try to change things, hear that a lot, when people in power try to dismiss us.  I guess I had a knee jerk reaction to resist that.

          I really wish you would consider calling your Senator and telling him or her that you value your privacy and love the 4th amendment & would like a "nay" vote.

          That's all I want.

          •  my senator is Russ Feingold, and I do agree (0+ / 0-)

            with you its worth calling.  I don't want you to think I'm trying to silence you.  I don't like Barack's FISA stance either.

            I just didn't like being called a baby, negative, or a quitter.

            Thanks for explaining though, I'm glad to know you weren't singling me out there.  I can see why you would react like that though, just as I did...I'm tired of being told I don't care about the constitution (I was even called Obama's b*tch at one point), and you're tired of being called a purity troll.  It is getting old, for both sides!  (and its sad that there are even 'sides' on this!) I understand why you'd react that way, so no hard feelings.

            Here's to being united ahead :D

            The McCain campaign's new slogan: Get that IL Senator off my lawn!

            by krwlngwthyou on Mon Jul 07, 2008 at 09:23:59 PM PDT

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