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  •  Are you being intentionally ironic... (0+ / 0-)

    by asking if I'm five? I mean, just look at your comments preceding the question. It's definitely ironic, but I'm just not sure you meant it that way.

    Anyway, you're right that this one incident doesn't necessarily prove you're a liar, but it fits a pattern of blatant disregard for the facts, which leads me to believe you're quite comfortable telling lies if you think it'll help win an argument. You wildly misstated the frequency (and timing) of my comments in FISA diaries. You've more than once completely mischaracterize the content of my comments. You willfully ignored the nature of Kos's essay. Yesterday you claimed to believe I'm a lovely guy, and today you called me the world's biggest dick because I added another few comments disagreeing with you. Sorry, but you're not coming across as a credible person. You're coming across as a guy who's willing to say just about anything to prove he's never wrong about anything, ever. An occasional mistake is understandable -- I, for example, overlooked the fact that your real name is posted in the "about" section when I claimed you blog anonymously, and I happily admit that mistake -- but repeatedly attacking a person with "facts" that you've just made up out of thin air -- that's a very different story.

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