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  •  It is NOT too late.. Wesley Clark for President.. (0+ / 0-)

    The convention can choose Wesley Clark. We could all scare the shit out of Obama over this, simply by calling for the super delegates at the convention to support Wesley Clark for President.

    Neither Obama nor Clinton have the delegates required to be nominated. The decision IS in  the hands of the superdelegates.

    This is precisely HOW we ended up with FDR... remember that guy, wow was he a great president. In 1932 none of the candidates had the delegates required. So the party leadership settled on a COMPROMISE candidate that all sides could agree on and who would make a formidable candidate.... the former Gov of NY Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    There was no way FDR could win the democratic primary battle, just as Wesley Clark has proven unable to. But both men are without a question capable of a LANDSLIDE victory in the general election.

    And in my heart, I know the results for the nation would be ultimately as successful.

    As has been coined, the "GREATER DEPRESSION" is on the verge of unfolding, and the nation cannot afford anymore vasilating simps leading the government.

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