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  •  Is it me or do they remind you of.... (5+ / 0-)
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    Elise, blueyedace2, begone, pgm 01, tethys

    old line Communists who used to show up at peace marches and hand out long mimeographed tracts with the words all typed next to each other in one long screed that ran down the page at great length to the point your eyes just got tired looking at all the words splayed out across the page in a never ending cascade of verbiage that probably meant something but was too damn dense for you to follow let alone keep your attention and ultimately wound up turning you off or putting you to sleep or encouraging you to look for an exit or a window or something to escape through before they asked you for money or a place to crash or a car to pick up some friends who were arriving on the bus from the last city where they had been organizing a revolution or whatever it was that was going on before the man came in and messed everything up as he always does and you really are starting to panic at that point because you know the folks you came with are long gone and you don't have the money for the subway and you don't want to be rude but this is getting way out of hand....

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