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  •  What privately happens in Florida (0+ / 0-)

    is that the caregiver gets the home when the person dies in exchange for care.

    •  basically I am not talking about family (1+ / 0-)
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      which is what i presume you me>?an? surely one wouldn't give one's home to a stranger?  am I misunderstanding?.

      My example is such that affected my 90 year old step mother in England several years ago. She required a little help in the morning to get dressed properly (as she saw it anyway), hose and corsets!  a little shopping, a little food preparation, then in the evening to help with a bath/shower and ready for bed. She got one of those self help lift thingies to help her into bed.  Social services send someone two or three times a day for about an hour or so, make sure her medications are current and she was taking them.  Her son lived just down the road.  It worked extremely well, left her in her own house, she didn't require nursing, just a little extra help.

      I have what we call a granny flat in my own home, I would provide accomodation in return for that kind of help if i needed it.  It is not total medical assistance, it is more aiding the elderly and the frail who neither need nor want to go into a nursing home, or assisted living, which is incredibly expensive.  The health insurance system nor medicare provides for that kind of minimal help.  It is  about one quarter as expensive as paying for full time  warehousing.  It also takes the burden of middleaged children having to provide in-home care.  

      Thr kind of assistance many elderly require in much cheaper if able to be carried out in their own space.

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