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View Diary: John McCain forgot that he had an affair (285 comments)

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    Now, let's see.

    What are Americans interested in?

    Entertainment News!

    What could penetrate the brain of even the most Neanderthal American sitting there drooling over crotch shots of celebrities without underpants?

    What could perk up the pants of even the dumbest stump who spent all day on Bill Clinton, his cigar, and his stain?

    That's right!

    The scummy McCain Biography!

    They'll relish the propaganda confession!

    They'll delight in the misery of Carol's car crash and disfigurement!

    They'll self-pleasure as Johnny McTortured chases the beer distributor round and round the buffet table, giving her a "goose" when he catches up while growling, "I'll ***** you you tr*llopy c*nt."

    It's the perfect way to get the message into the laps of your typical American who wouldn't get it other wise!

    I'm all for it!

    [part of a previous post.]

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