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  •  I've never lost any mail through the USPS and the (0+ / 0-)

    rates far outstrip UPS or FED EX.  I just mailed a present, as I always do, to my sister in England for a little over $10.00 and she's always received her presents on time and in perfect condition.  The UPS Store would have charged me $30.00 for the same package and made no guarantee of when it would arrive.

    I was educated quite well in the public school system, learning at a college entry level, though I hardly applied myself.  As I graduated high school, the state decided to stop teaching phonics in grade school and replaced reading texts that created an underclass of illiterate students who learned to hate "reading."  The public school system was gutted by Republicans and replaced with for-profit private institutions for the wealthy upper classes, leaving the middle and lower classes to fend for themselves.  An incredibly stupid plan for the education of the masses.  Instead, the young work force of today can't read or write or add or subtract and we, the consumers, are left to fend for ourselves when we try to shop.

    The Ayn Rand model doesn't work for the masses, because the vast majority of people aren't born into priviledge and don't have the skills to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps."  They often have no bootstraps in the first place.  It's up to a highly functioning society to help the less fortunate rise above their bad circumstance, not stand on them to get a better step up.  It benefits the entire country to have a bigger middle class than lower class, because we're a capitalistic society that depends on healthy consumerism.  Leaving everyone on their own leaves a whole bunch of people behind.  It feeds on itself, as you will soon see in the coming banking crisis.  People will panic, remove all their funds, breaks their banks and create more panic for more banks.  Everyone will attempt to fend for themself and the result will be a massive economic meltdown.

    I suggest you watch IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE or AMERICAN MADNESS or MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON or MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN.  Frank Capra understood what it meant to help the little guy become successful, instead of taking the little guy for a ride.  Frank Capra understood what happens when Americans work together to improve society, instead of corporations working to tear society apart.  You can call me a Marxist, but that's hardly an insult.  I don't believe Communism works, because humans are simply too greedy.  Once they get to eat a full meal, they want a whole lot more.  It's only when they're all starving that working together to survive actually works.  So, Communism is always a very temporary solution to society's problems.  Socialism has a similar Achilles' heel, in that people want instant gratification and can't be bothered waiting for the most needy to get help first.  Capitalism is a great philosophy, but social services will still always be needed when hard times hit.  From national disasters to banking debacles, the government, using tax dollars, should be there to bolster a thriving middle class.

    I wish you great good luck with your life and your philosophy of personal responsibility.  I hope you never have to deal with losing your job and being unable to find another, or running out of your life's savings or being injured and discovering your insurance won't cover your expenses.  I hope you are always able to fend for yourself, but since your an American who pays taxes, should anything terrible happen that stops you from doing that, I am sure that the federal government will be able to come to your aide, especially if Barack Obama is president and Democrats have taken a vast majority of both houses of Congress.  If not, well, best of luck, 'cause you'd need it.

    •  I'll respond in depth later (0+ / 0-)

      since i have to go to work now, but one quick point:

      First, I never called you a Marxist (nor a communist, nor a socialist) - I simply noted that your notions of governmental responsibility and class struggle have a distinctly Marxian flavor, even if your philosophy isn't Marxist itself. Sorry for the confusion.

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