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  •  Painful Silence Growing (3+ / 0-)
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    luvmovies2000, Kcaridad, Pris from LA

    While your diary is quite pessimistic, I must needs concur, especially since I've been marginally employed since June.

    Every day, when I walk my dog in my Saint Louis neighborhood, I see more and more empty, boarded-up houses adding to the other empty homes that have been empty for over two years.

    I'm not far from the Saint Louis airport, and I've noticed a huge difference in the silence from the lack of planes.  It is like the days after 9/11.  Silent.

    The low-info voters will simply blame the Democratic party, who will have to take over and clean up this irresponsible mess, per usual.  They are already blaming the sky-high oil prices on the Democratic Congress, saying, "since they took over, oil has gone higher."

    I feel sorry for the Democratic party that will have to clean up America, again.

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