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View Diary: An Open Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein (46 comments)

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  •  Well written (0+ / 0-)

    Too bad it'll be going into the autodelete folder.

    I wonder if something like this has ever been printed in the "Letters to the Editor" section of the Chronicle?

    It'd be too bad if more of your fellow constituents didn't get a chance to read it as well.

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      and best regards.... the Chronicle will never print this, as it's too long.  250 words is their cap.

      As for Feinstein herself, maybe I'll sign it and send it to her.  I've done this before, over both Alito and Mukasey, with less than satisfying results: a form letter two months later, justifying her vote "for the good of the country."

      She'll say the same thing about her vote on FISA. I heard her on one of the chat shows talk about the FISA bill, and her reasoning was, it's better to have some law than no law. It's the exact same thing she said about Alito and Mukasey: better to have some appointee (no matter how nefarious or dishonest) than an empty slot.

      Not what I call a strong guiding principle.

      Personally, I think Feinstein is just getting tired.  Once upon a time, I supported her, specifically for things like the cluster bomb bill and for her out-in-front efforts to ban assault weapons.  But lately, it's been cave, cave, cave.  

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