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View Diary: Conservative bloggers say Bush sucked (274 comments)

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  •  aoeu (4.00)
    It's time for another culling at the freeper's site.  They are gonna thin the herd of those who think Kerry did decently.

    My turtles laughter
    was loud when the Yankees lost
    22 to zilch

    by TealVeal on Thu Sep 30, 2004 at 08:51:23 PM PDT

    •  Figures (4.00)
      Somebody named Veal complaining about culling the herd.  :)
    •  FOXX NEWX (none)
      FOX News' political contributors largely agreed that Kerry came out ahead.

      "There was a chance that the president would knock Kerry out of the race tonight. ... I think Kerry survived and I think he did pretty well tonight. Kerry was forceful and articulate," said William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. "Kerry did a pretty good job of making the case that the invasion of Iraq was wrong."

      Kondracke said Bush began to stumble as Kerry stopped being nervous and became more forceful.  "The president sighed a lot in this debate and he seemed tired," Kondracke said.

      Dick Morris said, "Bush was as unfocused, undisciplined, unenergetic ... as he was during the pre-primary debates in 2000."  Morris, a strong critic of Kerry's policy positions said, "I got the feeling Bush was distracted; Bush didn't answer questions quickly, and he stumbled all over himself."

      Sen. John McCain told FOX News that "Both of them, I thought they did well,"

      It was so Bad, even Fox couldn't Distort and Lie with the pre-packaged Talking Points they had

      •  Disabuse (none)
        youselves of the notion that McCain is a straight shooter.

        He's a tool.

        My wife likes McCain! I show her the picture of Bush and McCain hugging each other like two scared little monkies.

        Any man who would hug a man who abused him like that is a tool.

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