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  •  9:45 PST on msnbc (none)
    For the last 30 minuets the rethug spin misters have been trying to spin out from under, but the correspondents on MSNBC are moving from neutral to claiming Kerry took the debate, and asking each other where the republicans can go from here to get the momentum back.

    The very most partisan press people give Kerry a slight win, and many pudits are moving toward Kerry.

    Between this, and the freeper comments, the online polls, I think it was MSNBC, who sat with 22 undecides in ohio, Tonight, at least, the playing field just tipped heavily our way.

    I do not know if the thugs will be able to respin it by morning, but if TV is still behind Kerry through an entire news cycle, especially going into the weekend, we may have some really good news going into next week.

    Mr Tek

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