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  •  Dealing with daughters = dealing with country (none)
    First thing that popped into my head after that exchange was Bush deals with the country the same way he deals with his daughters - he puts them on a leash.
    Kerry knows better.
    •  The leash (and collar) (none)
      Hey, maybe this is our chance to show everyone what Bush's "family values" really are, by mailing him and his supporters dog collars and leashes, along with Chimpy's quote.
    •   Quote of the Day (none)
       [quote]"No president who has presided over Abu Ghraib should ever say he wants to put anyone on a leash."[/quote]  -- Andrew Sullivan

      The New York Times has the exchange Sullivan refers to about the "travails" of raising daughters: "I'm trying to put a leash on them," Mr. Bush said with a smile. "Well, I don't know," Mr. Kerry replied. "I've learned not to do that, Mr. President."

      A quip from last nights debates.

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