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    They just woke up from the Kool-Aid hangover.

    Think of what they have told themselves: Kerry's a flip flopper.  He's indecisive.  He's uncertain.  He isn't presidential.  He isn't confident.

    Kerry wasn't debating Bush.  Kerry was debating [i]Bush's image of Kerry[/i].  And Kerry FUCKING OWNED the image Bush has been trying to pin on him since this campaign began.

    Anyone who watched the debate last night will see miles of difference between what kind of man Bush tells us Kerry is, and who Kerry was on the stage.  The fact that it's even waking up some freepers shows just how HUGE the gap between fantasy and reality is.

    And that should be Kerry's next point.  Continue hammering the fantasy world of spin - except this time, use himself as the lynchpin:

    "Bush would like to tell you i'm indecisive.  That I shift positions.  That I mix my messages.  I ask you, America, to judge me for yourselves.  Ask yourselves if what you see matches up with Bush's version of me.  Ask yourself which is more real: My John Kerry, or Bush's John Kerry.  My opponent's campaign relies on denial of the facts, the presentation of a rosy fantasy world of spin.  This includes not only Iraq, not only homeland security, not only the war on terror, but their campaign opponent, as well."


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