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  •  One can have all the privilege in the world ... (none)
     ... and still suffer, Phalamir. I can understand your anger towards GWB, but ...

    I feel more anger, disgust and anxiety due to  the immense body of people who have supported, excused, spun for, fed poisoned policies into, lied for, engaged in dirty tricks with this clearly incompetent, out of his league, bankrupt of sound ideas president  than I have for the man himself.

    That our system is so bankrupt that day after miserable day we and our party only seemed to be saying, He cant do THAT, can HE? DeLay cant do THAT, can he? And then they did IT and they did IT and they did IT ... shows us that we face a far graver problem than simply who we elect. Or, actually, that is a major clue to our problem.

    QUESTION: Is our nation doomed to be this seesaw, four years up, eight or twelve years down, eight years back, try to get back up to ten percent of what we lost ... till they get up again and lose us another 20 on our way down?

    What Bush's tenure has shown me, besides all the terrible things he and his crew have done, is that, worse than that, is the ease with which those things were able to be done.

    Our system is creaky, rife with corruption and we cannot simply rely on this roller coaster ride, this spin of the wheel every four years brings, with all the attendant nail-biting attention, money, time that must be paid to it, at the expense of so much else that needs focus, action, change.

    We need to change a lot of things. Like sticking in the worst shit, onto bills that are in another league altogether, or onto gargantuan omnibus bills, on the Congress ceding its obligation to authorize war, nonpublicly funded campaigns, media monopolies .... on and on and on.

    Bush was the terrible price we (and all his victims worldwide) paid to let it get as bad as it has and give our sleepy/overworked selves a flashing, sky-high danger sign. While Kerry, as president, affords us breathing space to right our ship from its Titanic like course and is wholly necessary for us, his presidency is not THE solution.

    It's only a pause in time to begin to seriously attack the immense problem of our leaky creaky rusting obsolete ship of state.

    Because if we dont, we leave ourselves vulnerable to the same shit and even more weakening until the cancer is too great and we meet the fate of every other empire as it writes its own most shameful and hurtful entries in the history books, on the way down.

    "It's the POLICY, Stupid! ... Our ONE-sided support for ISRAEL" Top CIA analysts concur on why America is losing hearts, minds, security.

    by NYCee on Fri Oct 01, 2004 at 08:26:54 AM PDT

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