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  •  How do you create new facts (2+ / 0-)
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    about a past occurrence?

    I try not to think about Congress too hard because it makes me queasy, and I realize that committee reports are the result of much compromise, but new facts as opposed to what the soldiers who were eyewitnesses knew to be true?  At some point can't we call a lie a lie.

    The administration, at some level, from the top or the middle and accepted by the top because it was convenient, made up stuff from whole cloth.   Since no one recollects, it seems to me its the President's responsibility.  Rumsfeld helped and Cheney blessed them all.  That's how everything else worked.

    But the committee should have an ounce more backbone and use the word explanations rather than facts.  New explanations emerged that the soldiers on the ground knew were not true.

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