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View Diary: Googling Gay Marriage:  Putting a Fork in Prop 8 (11 comments)

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    There's gotta be plenty more info on Frank, Jennifer and Jeff out there ... If enough moderate Californians can get a clue about the crew at the wheel of Prop 8, it's gonna be a rout come November.

    Schubert Flint have never worked for moderate causes.  They are hard-right GOP PR flacks who made their names selling the Iraq war (google "Jeff Flint" and "Move America Forward") and selling America down the river to some of the dirtiest of our corporations.

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      Chino Blanco

      I'm going to tip you anyway, as I do not have any links to offer. I can only hope that if Prop 8 goes down to defeat, which it ought to, that Washington's state legislature will get on the equal-marriage bandwagon and my friends and community members can finally get married to their partners without having to go up to Canada to do it.

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