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View Diary: Googling Gay Marriage:  Putting a Fork in Prop 8 (11 comments)

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  •  "Fear is the path to the dark side ... (0+ / 0-)

    Fear leads to anger.
    Anger leads to hate.
    Hate leads to suffering."

    Now that sounds like Yoda.

    I think you're right about what this diary doesn't accomplish.  I'd agree there's likely nothing here that'd move a pro-8 voter.  Although, if you were familiar with my previous diaries (for example, this one), you'd understand where I'm coming from, and why it matters to me who gets hired to run the Pro-8 campaign.  

    I grew up Mormon.  If the LDS Church hadn't gotten involved with Prop 8, I wouldn't be paying as much attention as I am to this initiative.  My own sense is that the best outcome for the LDS Church is if Prop 8 is defeated.  If it is, this episode can be written off as a tactical error.  But if Prop 8 passes, I think the church's involvement is going to taint their image and hinder their mission for years to come.

    In any case, working from the obvious position that it's moderate voters who're gonna decide this thing, I think the pro-8 campaign so far has been a gift to those of us opposed to the amendment.

    Anyone can identify the need to appeal to moderates in this battle, but what genius on the pro-8 side decided that mobilizing Evangelicals was going to help them accomplish this?  The Evangelicals were already in the Yes camp, and now they've been unleashed ... and for what good purpose?   To scare the rest of us with their spam?  To persuade us with their talk of months of fasting and prayer?  Or to make even more obvious their penchant for getting bamboozled by the flimsiest fearmongering arguments imaginable?

    Sorry, but the way the pro-8 side has kicked this thing off, they've created a real "you can't get there from here" problem for themselves in terms of reaching moderates.  What I can't figure out is how anybody in PR on the pro-8 side keeps their jobs when what they seem to be doing is helping make sure that every voter in California knows that the pro-8 campaign is a GOP-Evangelical joint operation?

    Anyway, I'm getting off track here.  You're welcome to contact me anytime.  Googling "Chino Blanco" will turn up my details.  Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    •  My pleasure, young Jedi warrior (1+ / 0-)
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      Chino Blanco


      I'm biting my tongue because the LDS thing is very, very important.

      Your glee at the way the pro-8 campaign is operating is exactly matched by my (former) glee that the anti-8 campaign is targeting the far left. Both campaigns simply do not understand how to win in the Golden State. Therefore, it's a toss-up. Whoever notices that to win you have to, like, convince average voters in Fremont and Gardena (rather than Orange County and Marin County) will win. My prediction is that actually nobody will notice, which for political watchers (as I think we both are) makes it interesting but for people with a stake in the outcome (as you are and I used to be) it is terribly frightening.

      Again, I don't want to give it all away, as much as I like your approach, but there are a few arguments the Prop. 8 campaign has been making here and there about why the initiative is good that are written as if they are trying to convince right-wing Christian ministers. Any neutral undecided voter who hears those arguments will certainly say... "Whoa! If that's what this initiative is all about, forget it!" (Unfortunately for you, the anti-8 campaign has done that from time to time too, but at least a little more artfully.)

      OK, OK, I like you so I'll give you a hint, but I'll say it in Yoda-ese so nobody who only speaks English (or Spanish) can accuse me of helping you:

      Mormons and Evangelicals like each other, they do not. If break the two up you can, Proposition 8 major damage inflict you will.

      OK, dude, seriously I said more than I wanted to. I'm signing off before I hand you the keys to defeating Prop. 8.

      •  Romney and Falwell sittin' in a tree ... (0+ / 0-)

        Or at least hookin' up at Mitt's place to chat.

        Christianity Today's Q&A with Mitt Romney:

        CT's Q:  How do you think relations between Mormons and Trinitarian Christians have changed during your lifetime?

        Romney's A: I don't know that there's been a significant change relating to doctrine. [But] several months ago, not long before he died, I had the occasion of having the Rev. Jerry Falwell at our home. He said that when he was getting ready to oppose same-sex marriage in California, he met with the president of my church in Salt Lake City, and they agreed to work together in a campaign in California. He said, "Far be it from me to suggest that we don't have the same values and the same objectives."

        How many Mormons and Evangelicals would be dismayed and disheartened to learn of the top-level meetings and coordination between Falwell and the LDS President?  I don't know.

        I do know plenty of rank-and-file Mormons who don't appreciate the picketing of LDS temples and all the other confrontational garbage that rank-and-file Evangelicals bring to the picture.

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