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View Diary: Googling Gay Marriage:  Putting a Fork in Prop 8 (11 comments)

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  •  Romney and Falwell sittin' in a tree ... (0+ / 0-)

    Or at least hookin' up at Mitt's place to chat.

    Christianity Today's Q&A with Mitt Romney:

    CT's Q:  How do you think relations between Mormons and Trinitarian Christians have changed during your lifetime?

    Romney's A: I don't know that there's been a significant change relating to doctrine. [But] several months ago, not long before he died, I had the occasion of having the Rev. Jerry Falwell at our home. He said that when he was getting ready to oppose same-sex marriage in California, he met with the president of my church in Salt Lake City, and they agreed to work together in a campaign in California. He said, "Far be it from me to suggest that we don't have the same values and the same objectives."

    How many Mormons and Evangelicals would be dismayed and disheartened to learn of the top-level meetings and coordination between Falwell and the LDS President?  I don't know.

    I do know plenty of rank-and-file Mormons who don't appreciate the picketing of LDS temples and all the other confrontational garbage that rank-and-file Evangelicals bring to the picture.

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