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View Diary: Bush can hold US civilians indefinitely, court rules. UPDATED x2 (278 comments)

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    aren't most citizens civilians? You know... common meaning of the word: people who aren't in the armed forces or the National Guard, that is, the vast majority of the population?

    Would this be some strange new definition of civilian that I have been previously unaware of, or does the category "civilian" not include nearly all citizens (plus, of course, some other people who aren't citizens)?

    Folly is fractal: the closer you look at it, the more of it there is.

    by Canadian Reader on Tue Jul 15, 2008 at 11:04:50 PM PDT

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      Citizens is the limiting factor. It's not that being a civilian allows them to hold you indefinitely. Rather, it says that being a civilian does not mean that they could cannot hold you

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