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View Diary: Bush can hold US civilians indefinitely, court rules. UPDATED x2 (278 comments)

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  •  nor is living in a decidership much fun either... (0+ / 0-)

    BTW, I knew about FISA and FISC a couple of decades ago also, and in those days we thought it was bad enough that a court could operate in secret.  The resignation of a FISA judge last year, in protest against Bushism, seems to have  clarified the record on that somewhat.

    Now in your previous post you said, unequivocally, that No Such Agency has quantum cryptanalysis and can brute-force PGP keys now.  That's the kind of claim that deserves further support, so I'm still asking: what's your source for that?  

    Re. fixing PGP/GPG:  Elliptic curve cryptography by any chance?  If so, I know someone else working on that one.  Between now and then we're going to release an unlimited keylength patch for GPG (it's absurdly simple, but a standardized version of that would be helpful).  That should at least make the inbox at Meade take a little longer to empty.  

    I wonder if we ever met at one of the early Cypherpunk meetings...?  Hmm... I won't speculate further in this medium...

    Ultimately, a better FISA is like a hybrid powertrain SUV: it's a band aid on a major injury.  What's really needed is a comprehensive privacy amendment to the Constitution, with appropriate supporting legislation.   Someone here by the name of Thinking LIberally has proposed the idea of doing a major push on civil liberties across the board, and that's a damn good idea.  Full frontal attack, and let the righties go on the defensive for once.  Have people such as Kucinich and Dodd on the case and the netroots pushing hard.  

    Ultimately we're both on the same side of this one; where I get off the boat is where people start talking as if Obama is the enemy or has betrayed them or some such; or they're going to stop making contributions or stay home on election day.  That sort of thing just discourages people from voting.  

    Emotional states are contagious; we have to be exceptionally careful to not end up promoting a generalized state of depression or anger that resolves itself by going into apathy mode.  Today's 9-point lead has the potential to become tomorrow's cliffhanger with smaller coat-tails.  We cannot throw that 9-point lead away.  

    The future will be measured in degrees Celsius of mean temperature rise, and in the ph of the oceans.  At this point the situation has gone so far that a multi-gigadeath dieoff is a foregone conclusion.  Whether it proceeds to a total collapse of economic and social systems, and a near-extinction event for humans, is what is ultimately at stake in this election.

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