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View Diary: Because I'm Bored: Vice Presidential Speculation (139 comments)

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    John Kerry? Really? The SVFT would orgasm at the thought! I'm nothing short of a Kerry fan (as already stated in my sig), but he's been vetted, and he failed. He ran a horrible campaign. The second worse in my lifetime. (The first being Dole '96.) All summer and fall we heard "Flip-flop! Flip-flop! Flip-flop!" from the right. It was annoying. About the only thing he could run on by Election Day was "I'm not George W. Bush" -and he still lost! His already established elitist status would be thrown right in the face of Barack. Imagine "the most liberal senator in 2007" along with "the most liberal senator in 2003". Plus, he's generally considered dull and uninspiring. He made Al Gore in 2000 sound like Barack Obama. The chemistry seems incompatable, like Kerry/Edwards. Kerry for VP would be a worse choice than Hillary.

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