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View Diary: Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore at Netroots Nation (174 comments)

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    She isn't the real audience. The real audience is the media and the rest of the country.

    So, this was apparently a mixed bag. It would have helped if Gore had been in a different session and she had been faced with all the tough questions we had for her.

    The talking point off this is:

    Pelosi avoided the questions from the progressive movement that she couldn't answer when Gore appeared. Until then, she was struggling to defend her performance as Speaker and had no real answer why the House hasn't been moving rapidly forward on impeachment. She gave a weak answer on the FISA bill and no answer about why this divisive bill came up during the election. In short, Al Gore stepped in to keep her from being roasted by the netroots and having her poor performance highlighted at the conference.

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