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View Diary: Ask Dems to Put Marketing to Children on Party Platform (27 comments)

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    1.  Turn off the TV
    1.  Record programs you consider appropriate for your child(ren) -- Discovery Channel, History Channel, Learning Channel, National Geographic, etc. and teach your kids how to fast forward through commercials.
    1.  TEACH your children about what advertisers do.  Encourage your day care providers/teachers to do the same.
    1.  When you child HAS to buy Product X because it looked so cool on TV, but turns out to be a total dud, point out to your child how he/she was duped.  
    1.  Encourage your child(ren) to really think about the play value of any toy which they think they have to buy.
    1.  When your child(ren) enjoys a toy and plays with it frequently, ask him/her what he/she likes about the toy.  By articulating reasons for liking something, they learn about their likes and dislikes and will make better purchasing decisions.
    1.  Don't buy fast food unless it's the only option.

    Kids are always going to be surrounded by temptations.  It's never too early to teach them to think for themselves.  As much as I loathe commercials, especially ones directed at children, their existence has been an important educational tool in our home.  Furthermore, without advertising revenue, many good programs wouldn't be available.  

    Day care providers and teachers can help parents without means by reinforcing the need for limited TV and the importance of healthy snacks and meals.  

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