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View Diary: AK-AL: Palin scandal shakes up House race (277 comments)

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  •  I've said for months, (6+ / 0-)

    this is what the first woman president looks like. Not physically, but with astronomical approval ratings, an appealing personality, etc.

    Obviously the political future of Sarah Palin is no more.

    •  Agree (4+ / 0-)

      I really thought she was going to be McCain's veep

    •  I hate Republicans however (4+ / 0-)

      if you go to the Anchorage Daily News story from last Thursdayand look at the details, I don't think Palin comes off so badly.

      She says that her former brother-in-law threatened to kill her father, (he said her dad would "eat a f---- bullet") threatened to bring her down, tasored his 11-year-old step-son, illegally killed a moose, drank while on duty, etc. etc.  And that when she met with the Commissioner of Public Safety, she said she thought her former brother-in-law was a ticking time bomb. The tasoring and moose poaching were officially investigated and confirmed.

      Come on, if you had a brother-in-law like that, who was also a state trooper, wouldn't you want someone in authority to know about his bizarre, violent and illegal behavior?

      I'm sure she hated the guy, but I don't think you can play this off as simple petty revenge. The guy does sound scary. As governor, was she just supposed to keep her mouth shut and hope he didn't eventually kill someone?

      I'm a die-hard Democrat and for purely political reasons, if Palin goes down, it's okay by me. But I'd like to see her lose her career for something more corrupt that this, at least from what I've seen so far.

      •  Yeah (0+ / 0-)

        I'm honestly having a hard time believing this; the bad year for Republicans seems to be amplifying this one.

        I honestly like Palin and wish there were more Republicans like her.  She was the only VP choice that I feared.

        I don't think this will take her down; two years is a long time.

      •  ok, I didn't hear anything past the surface, (0+ / 0-)

        so this doesn't sound like a definite career-ender. It will be tough to win nationally, with this thrown on top of being from Alaska adding up to massive amounts of skepticism, not to mention the fact that she is not Bobby Jindal, further diminishing her chances of nomination.

      •  You are wrong (0+ / 0-)

        The ex-brother in law did taser his step son (son wanted to know how it felt; it was done on low setting) and did illegally kill a moose (shot a mosse using his wife's -Palin's sister moose tag.  The sister was present, she signed the tag saying she killed the moose.  They took it to Palin's dad house, split the meat, and Palin and her family ate it.

        Regardless, both incidents occurred two years before the couple got divorced.  Palin complained about the 2 incidents in 2005; she and her family filed 36 complaints against the trooper, the most ever filed by one family and the most ever filed against one trooper.  No complaints about him were received from anyone else. I'm not justifying his behavior; he has been penalized for what he did already.  That wasn't enough for Palin; she wanted his head

        The bottom line is that both complaints were investigated by the troopers, the trooper was disciplined, and Palin and her husband continued their vendetta from the day she was elected in 2006 until she just got caught.

        As a sister in law, she did keep her mouth shut.  As governor, she may have broken a number of state laws, and repeatedly lied to the public.  Her staff has issued false statements, some of them are having memory problems, and the Legislature is about to hire a special investigator with subpoena powers to establish the facts.

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