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  •  And... "what kind of unit" means (0+ / 0-)

    the POLITICS involved.

    I deal in the LAW.  The statute or article alone.  What is backed by precedent and case law.  Not what is politically expedient.

    Let's apply this same concept to the civilian world, which I DID play in as a cop after I separated the military.

    I engage in a traffic stop.  The violater was clearly speeding, clearly drunk, and clearly ran the red light.  But, the violater is a prominent politician.

    Do I let them go?  Do I NOT do my duty?  Do I make "an exception" because of "who they are"?

    No. I don't.

    The law is what it is and it applies as it is written in the system that it was designed to be for the PURPOSE it is there.

    Will I take flak for NOT doing the "politically expedient thing"?  Your damn right I will... and worse.  

    Or... I pull a traffic stop and it's my own commander... what now Batman?  While he WAITS for trial, he IS going to screw me over.

    You see... I've lived in a world you haven't, and had to make the calls you weren't allowed to... thus, I CAN be very objective to the rules as they are written.

    The "rule of law"; it applies to you and me, but not the rich, the Republican or the celebrity. Welcome to America!

    by MotleyPatriot on Wed Jul 23, 2008 at 01:32:57 AM PDT

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