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    1. Karadzic and Mladic deserve their place in hell for their genocide.
    1. Reading Samantha power's book about her travels in the region with Cohen at the time, he and she were adamant that the Vance-Owen Peace plan was a sop for the Serbs and that it shouldn't be honored. Thus, their excoriation of our lack of interference early on rings hollow for me since peace was at hand and many in the west (politicians, reporters) elected another option which resulted in the death of 100,000, mostly Muslims, but also a big number of Croats and Serbs.
    1. Although I have no sympathy for Karadzic, it's sad that this international court has been politicized to an awful degree. When you read Carla del Ponte's new book, you should note that she was obstructed often in her attempts to prosecute war criminals from all sides equally. Recently, a man named Naser Oric was made free, a man responsible--according to del Ponte--for the murders of over 2,000 Serbs in Srebrenica. Her claims are supported by top NATO generals from Canada, France and the Netherlands (Phillipe Morillon among them) who characterized Srebernica as both a genocide AND an act of revenge for the slaughter of Serb civilians (something that hasn't been covered much in the western news).

    My concern is not so much that there's a double standard in the treatment of Karadzic (I really don't care, all genocidal lunatics get what they deserve) but rather that the seeds of the next conflict are already sewn as Oric is celebrated on one side of Bosnia, and considered a cruel monster on the other. If this is the sort of reconciliation that the court envisions, then it's doomed to fail.

    Look at these people! They suck each other! They eat each other's saliva and dirt! -- Tsonga people of southern Africa on Europeans kissing.

    by upstate NY on Thu Jul 24, 2008 at 09:30:48 AM PDT

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