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View Diary: Teamsters Go Green: Leave Pro-Drilling Group and Now Oppose ANWR Drilling (updated) (157 comments)

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    to have as many wrongheaded folks in this country is there. Of course we need to drill. Of course we need to build nuclear power plants. Of course we need to develop solar and wind to their fullest. Of course we need to use oil sand and shale. Of course we need to use coal with the 2008 technologies that exist today. The biggest issue I have is using corn for ethanol. Sugar has proven to be cheaper to distill as well as 5x times more powerful than corn/ethanol. Additionally 25% of US corn production is being diverted from food (animal and people) to ethanol. Visits to your local grocery store will allow you to see that this isn't working.
    Independence for the US power needs is not a one sided deal we must use all of our resources. We need to start a Manhattan project for energy break through s.
    We need to do this all now.
    We are currently facing gasoline pricing that's unbearable. Next problem is electricity. Now is the time to quit talking and start building new plants not next year!

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