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  •  Climate change is the perfect example! (7+ / 0-)

    Of how libertarian policy fails.

    The market is very good at some things and market solutions can certainly help us to run certain programs and processes productively. But when you use the free market as an ideology instead of a tool you become blind to its limitations. One of the largest being the tragedy of the commons.

    It's in everybody's immediate and long-term interest to reduce carbon emissions and quickly address climate change. Indeed, it is essential for the long term survival of both people and markets. But any single company or group that acts on this, without systemic changes all-around, will be punished by the market for running their company in an inefficient manner. In this case the market necessarily works against the real and concrete interests of humanity (for what is a greater interest than survival?). Libertarians would have us all die before they would relinquish their "freedom" to destroy the earth.

    •  Q: How do bears define their property rights? (1+ / 0-)
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      A: They shit in the woods.

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