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View Diary: Two new dead banks, 2,200 more coming, FDIC bailout (28 comments)

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  •  The central communists Dollar ponzie (3+ / 0-)

    Oh, and ron paul's plane went down the other
    day, just a warning. Who is the only public
    figure that exposes the FED ponzie. so far
    he's just a pest, they can wellstone or ken lay
    him anytime they want.

    there is not a democrat that has a clue, ie it
    continues. In fact they, they being the
    FED central cronie communists,  may have created the
    problem in order to provide the solution. And what
    is the solution, more central command power to
    the FED, oh, and public taxpayer bailouts - ie printing.


    So a little below trend right now may have regression to the mean bounce up for the election cycle ( fed taking action against commodities price
    speculation trading ) dont be fooled not a democrat
    has a clue about sound money. Get your wheelborrows
    it goes into hyperinflation around 2015.

    For every dollar they print now $.85 disappears.
    Read that a few times.

    And over your public radio they are not hyping how
    it was all the naked short sellers. Nothing to see here, move along now, your central communist big brother at the FED is taking care of you.

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